The Don’t Be That Someone (DBTS) workshops are very flexible but normally last 45 minutes to 1 hour. The workshop delivery methods are constructed of various knowledge, skill and attitude based activities. Peer to peer discussion features heavily too.

Our programme:

  • starts with us finding out what young peoples attitudes towards alcohol and drink driving are, followed by group discussion surrounding their experiences.
  • We then invite the group to discover and question how much their peers/other young people know about the dangers of drink driving – by showing and discussing the vox pop video (that can be viewed on this site)
  • Scenario cards are then used as a way of discussing the wider implications surrounding drink driving, for example – passenger responsibility, peer pressure, risk taking etc. The cards prove extremely popular with young people!
  • We then show one of the short films, either Michael’s or Sandy’s story (these can also be viewed on this site) – the film shown depends on which one the group asks to see. The films act as a catalyst to discuss the effects drink driving can have on individuals, families and whole communities as well as the long term implications that drink driving can have
  • The sessions are then wrapped up/wound down using the interactive leaflets, that the young people get to take away with them to find out more about the campaign and the dangers of drink driving.

Don’t Be That Someone can visit Secondary Schools, Academies, Youth Groups, Cadets or any other organisations that work with 14 – 18 year olds.