Save A Tenner, Save A Life Campaign

February 1, 2016 0 By Mike McAdam

Following the end of #DryJanuary, Don’t Be That Someone and Wheely are helping partygoers get home safe by offering them £10 off a cab, while giving them a chance to help save a life at the same time.

Every person who uses the promo code ‘DBTS’ when they sign up to Wheely will get £10 off a cab. And on top of that, Wheely will donate money to Don’t Be That Someone too. Don’t Be That Someone has support from the Institute of Advance Motorists.

Don’t Be That Someone is an award-winning campaign that takes a proactive approach to informing 14-18 year olds about the dangers and consequences of drink driving. The campaign examines issues such as peer pressure, the responsibility of the passengers, the after effects of causing serious injury or death, and consequences for families and the wider community.

Mike McAdam, Founder of Don’t Be That Someone said:

“Nearly 30% of all casualties injured in drink drive collisions were passengers who took a ride home with a driver who was over the limit.  

“This campaign helps more people get home safe, and the money Wheely donates will help us educate young people in schools about the dangers of drink driving, so they know the risks before they learn to drive.”

Dasha Tarasenkova, General Manager at Wheely said:

“Road safety is deeply ingrained in what we do, providing travel around London. By working with the best drivers, we help keep the roads safe for them, for our passengers and for everyone else. But we’re always looking to do more. 

“That’s why we support the wonderful work that Don’t Be That Someone does to educate the next generation and build a future of great drivers. We hope that, together, we will be able to make a powerful contribution to safety on the roads.”

Caroline Holmes, Communications Manager at the Institute of Advance Motorists said:

“After a couple of drinks it’s easy for your inhibitions to be lowered. It’s cold and dark outside, likely pouring with rain. And while you’d normally refuse a lift from someone you knew had been drinking suddenly it’s the more attractive option.

“But the law is there for a reason. Even one drink can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to drive. Plan your journey home in advance to avoid the temptation of accepting that lift.”