Restricting young drivers is “not the answer” says Don’t Be That Someone

November 16, 2015 0 By Mike McAdam

The Don’t Be That Someone campaign has spoken out in response to a series of measures to address young driver casualties, put forward by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), including limiting the number of passengers they can carry and a ban on driving at night.

Don’t Be That Someone, founded and run by Mike McAdam, reminds young people aged 14-18 years about the dangers and consequences of drink driving, passenger responsibility and the effect drink driving has on individuals, families and wider communities.

In a press release, Don’t Be That Someone says: “Our police are thinly stretched already – they have not got the capacity to police and enforce these policies. And putting these restrictions in place for a short period won’t have a long lasting impact.

“Stopping young drivers doing these things doesn’t fix the root cause of the problem – it doesn’t show young people why it’s dangerous, or the real consequences. You need to educate them – or you’re not fixing the problem.

“The DfT does not currently target pre-drivers in their road safety campaigns – despite research showing young people’s attitudes towards driving safety are established well before being able to legally drive. They’re influenced by their role models – friends and family – and based on personal traffic experiences.

“We need specific educational and awareness campaigns aimed at pre drivers. We need to educate them in a way that’ll engage them, if we want to make a serious reduction in road traffic collisions.”