Resource Pack

The Resource Pack contains:

  • A DVD with the Vox Pops and Documentary (that can be viewed on this website)
  • 3 printed Lesson Plans that fit within the Key Stage 4 National Curriculum
  • The DVD also includes PDF’s of all the lesson plans, including powerpoint’s of the worksheets.
  • Professionally printed interactive leaflets – These can be previewed to the right of this page (more can be ordered individually).
  • A professionally printed folder to keep all the material in.

More detailed information about the lesson plans:

The Assessment for Learning (AfL) for these lessons are to provide opportunities for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the use and misuse of alcohol and drink driving in particular. The first lesson is based on Knowledge, the second on Attitude and the third Skill. Each Lesson/session is designed to last 45mins to 1 hour, but are flexible enough to be ‘mixed and matched’ – shortened or even extended. For example, you could use one activity from lesson two and another from lesson three, to tailor the session to suit your group of young people – this could make up one 45 minute session. Having the choice of three lessons add flexibility to the Resource Pack.

All the ‘lessons/sessions’ work better with groups of young people involved, however mentioned below are the ones that can be used in one to one sessions.

The Knowledge based lesson is for practitioners to establish how much young people already know about alcohol and then specifically the dangers of drink driving (based on an activity sheet). If the practitioners are working one to one with a young person then this session will probably not last 45 minutes. However group work with this activity, depending on the young people, could last a whole session.

The Attitude based lesson is based upon the vox pops and documentary (that can be viewed on this site). The vox pops/documentary could work in one to one sessions, but would work better with groups of young people.

The skill based lesson is a group based activity using scenario cards (that are provided) to put young people in different alcohol and mainly drink drive related situations.