European Night Without Accidents promotional film

November 17, 2015 0 By Mike McAdam

Saturday 19th October was the European Night Without Accident and Don’t Be That Someone partnered with Tune into Traffic to represent the UK.
More information about the event can be found here, but below is the promotional video we had commissioned for the event
As well as making sure people had fun, there was a serious message behind the event that was relayed to everyone who got involved.

The European Night Without Accident (ENWA) took place in Luton on 19 October and saw around 1,000 people become ‘heroes of the night’.
European Night Without Accident is an annual awareness campaign that runs across Europe. The campaign uses peer-to-peer learning in party hotspots to engage with young people and make them aware of the dangers relating to drink and drug driving. The project was initiated in Belgium and is supported by the European Commission.
The event focused on the ‘heroes of the night’ who don’t drink and drive – the designated driver, or the passenger or friend who stops someone from getting behind the wheel after drinking.
There was a chance to ‘take on a hero’ at a reaction-testing game, as well as a super hero themed dress up photo booth.
The day’s events were backed up with blogs, competitions and social media posts that have reached thousands more people, spreading the campaign’s message to a wider audience.
Michael McAdam, founder and trustee of Don’t Be That Someone, who organised the event, said: “The event was a lot of fun with many people engaging with the reaction tester game and photo booth. As well as making sure people had fun, there was a serious message behind the event that we relayed to everyone we spoke to.
“Everyone who engaged with us took away ‘5 ways to become a hero’ – top tips on how to stop their friends from drink driving. These were provided in a handy pocket size booklet.”
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