Don’t Be That Someone’s Christmas 2013 campaign will focus on the passenger

November 17, 2015 0 By Mike McAdam

This December, Don’t Be That Someone’s drink-drive awareness campaign will focus on the passenger. And the theme? Become a hero.

The latest Department for Transport figures (DfT) show 44% of all car passengers injured or killed in a drink drive collision were between 16-24 years of age,  it’s especially important that young people are reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Michael McAdam,  Founder and Trustee of Don’t Be That Someone says “We’re appealing to friends to keep each other safe on the roads. Whether you’re the designated driver, the passenger who keeps an eye on how much their friend has drunk, or the person who stops their friend from getting behind the wheel after drinking. You can be a hero – by making sure your friends get home safe, you could be saving a life. It could be theirs. It could be yours. Or it could be a stranger’s. But stepping in makes you a hero.”

To launch the campaign, Don’t Be That Someone have created a short animation with five tips on how you could be a hero. And they’ll be running hero-themed events in various locations throughout the campaign. All this will be backed up by a social media campaign – supported by Institute of Advance Motorists.