Awesome people needed to sit on the board of directors

May 2, 2017 0 By Mike McAdam

An award-winning drink drive campaign that targets young people is seeking involvement from people who are keen to ‘make a difference’.

The ‘Don’t Be That Someone’ campaign informs young people aged 14-18 years about the dangers and consequences of drink driving. The campaign examines issues including peer pressure, the responsibility of passengers, the after effects of causing serious injury or death, and possible consequences for families and the wider community. The campaign, which won a Lynda Chalker Award in 2012, has been independently evaluated, and is being used by schools and local authorities nationally.

To take Don’t Be That Someone to the next level, founder Mike McAdam is looking to turn the campaign into a Community Interest Company and looking for ‘driven, skilled and passionate’ people to become directors of the new organisation.

Mike McAdam said: “Directors can have as little or as much involvement as they want. From making sure the money is being spent correctly and attending an AGM, to a more strategic role in the day-to-day running of the campaign. We are keen to hear from people who are passionate about making a difference, enjoy working with young people and want to save lives.”

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