Originally started because the Founder’s Uncle was killed by a drink driver, ‘Don’t Be That Someone’ is an innovative multi-media campaign designed to reach a wide audience and make a difference to young people’s driving education. In addressing the causes and consequences of drink driving, the campaign aims to:

  • Change Attitudes
  • Raise Awareness
  • Reduce Casualties

Currently the campaign includes a short documentary featuring the family and friends of a young man who was killed by a drink driver, as well as a young woman who was seriously injured by a drink driver, explaining how it has affected her life. There is also a ‘Vox Pops’ video – a short film of young people that DBTS stopped in the street and interviewed, finding out how much they really know about the dangers of drink driving. The Vox Pops are a brilliant tool to show Road Safety Officers, Teachers and other professionals what young people honestly think, and why this campaign is needed. Both videos can be viewed to the right of this page and are part of an educational Resource Pack that is available now.

The Pack consists of:

  • The documentary and Vox Pops short films (that can be viewed on this site)
  • Three bespoke lesson plans and teaching aides (that fit within the Key Stage 4 PSHE National Curriculum)
  • Interactive information leaflets

The campaign has been based on extensive independent research aimed at 14-18 year olds, conducted through youth focus groups, Facebook, and an online questionnaire. This research has proved crucial to understanding how young people already feel about drink driving, and how they would like to learn more about it. The teaching methods this campaign provides are innovative and engaging, and are a direct result of the feedback from young people.