50 years of drink driving adverts, but still casualties from drink drive collisions are rising

November 17, 2015 0 By Mike McAdam

Although road deaths due to drink driving have fallen from 1,640 in 1967 – when drink driving records began – to 230 deaths in 2012; the award winning drink drive campaign, Don’t Be That Someone says there is still a lot more to be done.

Don’t Be That Someone points to the most recent Department for Transport statistics that show
the amount of casualties from drink drive collisions (not including people killed) have actually risen since 2010 from 9,450 to 9,710. That’s the equivalent of one person every hour in the UK alone.

Furthermore the latest Department for Transport Statistics show the number of people killed and
injured in drink driving collisions in Wales has risen for the first time in
three years too.

The Department for Transport does not currently target 14 to 18-year-olds in its drink-drive campaigns, despite research showing that young people’s attitudes towards driving safety are established well before being able to legally drive.

Michael McAdam, Founder and Trustee of Don’t Be That Someone, says

“Lookingat these statistics it’s obvious that more needs to be done to education young people about the dangers of drink driving, all year round. This is what Don’t Be That Someone does, and our campaign is proven to raise awareness and change